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Amity Alliance Guidelines

June 7, 2017 sirkus1313 0

This Alliance is here for everyone. We are here to support each other and have fun doing it. We realize that not everyone will get along all the time, so here are some helpful guidelines to follow when interacting with

Devoted Cleric AC Heal/Buff

June 2, 2017 Thom Hawklight 1

Hey Veterans, This will be a Heal/Buff build. I will be detailing everything about this build and what powers to use in each situation and why you should use them.   Race Choice   The best races for this build

Veterans’ Picture Day II

March 5, 2017 Niria 0

Here are the unedited pics from ou last picture day. Vote on your favorite, I’ll edit it, and we’ll try to use it as our main pic. 🙂 #1 #2 #3


February 15, 2017 sirkus1313 0

Purpose of a Governor: Governors are here to help the President and Vice President run the guild by helping guild members, running events when able, bringing any issues to the President/VP when they are not on, and helping make sure

Guild Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2017 sirkus1313 0

GUILD MEETING MINUTES FEBRUARY 12, 2017 We discussed the upcoming governor election to be held this month. We have two spots available. The term is for 1 (one) year. More information can be found on the website: http:\\   A guild


January 12, 2017 sirkus1313 0

Hello Everyone, I want to thank everyone for all their hard work in getting us to Guild Hall 13. As some of you may know, we now get to build another boon structure (barracks and stables are our current boon

Alliance & Guild Chats

January 2, 2017 sirkus1313 0

CHAT CHANNELS I want to make sure everyone knows how to deal with things typed/talked about in chat channels (Guild and Alliance). I know sometimes chats can get a bit “dramatic” and go downhill fast. I know some of us

Refining event artifact

December 30, 2016 empusa_the_dark 1

I really wish I could find some time to do this earlier on a picture is state how max u should get your artifact before event last day. in this time gather as much blue and violet simrils so get